GFC Ministry Team

GFC Ministry team is more than just a group of volunteers who “get things done”. They are the heart and soul of the church and offer a wonderful opportunity for others to serve the Lord with their talents.

A strong ministry team also keeps a church healthy. Without a supportive team, pastoral staff and church leaders would be continually stressed and burnt out.

But most importantly, a strong ministry team can develop Christian leaders who further the church’s mission and work to build the kingdom of God with their service.

As important as a strong ministry team is, many churches struggle to create the best team. There’s often a disconnect between the church’s needs with how to mobilize and grow a well-intentioned team of volunteers.

We oversee the selection, training and deployment of ordained ministers, ensuring the Church is well equipped to serve God in living out its mission for many generations to come.

Our Leaders

Pastor Sohail Jacob

Pastor Sohail Jacob is a servant of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is called and set apart to preach the Glorious Gospel of The Eternal Savior to all nations of the earth. The Spirit of the Lord is upon him as God has anointed him to preach the Good News to the poor.

Mrs. Esther Sohail

Pastor Esther Sohail is a powerful anointed Preacher. God has blessed her with the powerful Gift of Interpretation and using her Mightly all around the world. She has the Heart to work for lifting women and blessing those who are in need.

Join our Team

Church is not only a crowd gathered around a stage, but a Community sharing life around a table.

One of the central ways we grow as disciples of Jesus is by having intentional relationships with people who share the same goal.

If you are interested in joining a community group please email us directly.